The flu and working out – what to do

Lately there have been loads of people catching a flu/cold due to the changes in NYC weather. So, what’s our advice for staying healthy and training? When your body is run down, you need more rest and more fluids than usual. You should limit your stress both on your mind and your body. Flooding your body with fruits and vegetables is a great way to help your body recover. We stress the importance of B and D Vitamins as well as Zinc. Spend time when resting awake doing things that will ease your mind, like listening to music or reading a book because we know a healthy mind is the core of a healthy body. Since everyone is different, there is no exact timeframe for getting better; instead we encourage our clients to take it easy until they feel strong again. Specifically if they have heavy flu systems such as chest congestion and fever, we advise them to not workout until those symptoms have subsided. And then, when they do, to start back on their exercise program with us slowly, such as every other day for the next 7-10 days.Workout with a flu or cold?

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