Kids Scream! I want to learn to box!

Earlier this week, as we were shadow-boxing around, a bunch of kids, ages 8-11 playing nearby came by with their parents and asked my fellow boxing trainer and I if we could teach them how to box. Yes, of course! After 20 minutes with these kids, we were hooked! These kids were so passionate about learning and had so much energy for it, they were beating us up (not really). Anyway, we are definetly open to teachning kids how to box (my son is 6 and he already has me down with his right cross!) and doing it safely. We already have created a waiver and are scheduling a kids learn to box into our curriculum. So, if you have a child that needs to let his/her energy go and is marveled by the jab or the hook, send ’em to Vfitness Kids Bootcamp, starting next week, Central Park. Waiver forms and more information soon to be added to the site. For information, contact us anytime.VFitness kids learn to box

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