Pacman VS. Margarito

So instead of Mayweather vs Pacquiao , we get Pacquiao vs Margarito.  I’ve constantly said  that pacman has recently , more than not, fought shot over the hill fighters.  Hatton was never the same after Mayweather check-hooked him into the ring post.  De la Hoya was drained and came in at 146 , under what pacman came in at. Cotto a victim of Margarito’s plaster of paris hand wraps and also was never the same fighter.  And Clottey was most likely paid off by Bob Arum to let pacman win.  Harsh?  Re-watch the Clottey fight, and watch pacman not knowing what to do with Clottey’s shell defense.  Watch Clottey throw an upper cut here and there and give pacman a panoramic view of the whole stadium.  Post fight Clottey smiling said something to the effect that he never felt beaten until this fight.  Watch him post fight of the Judah fight and see what he normally is like after a fight.

I am not the biggest Pacquiao fan in the world as you can see.  Why am I not on the bandwagon?  First off he is most likely on PEDs , that’s why he is having issues with the Olympic style testing.  He has gotten better as a fighter but still relys moreso on his athleticism , than real skills.  Which is great if you can do it , especially with the help of PEDs.  That ride will end soon enough as he ages.  With that being said what do I think about Margarito?  I think he also like pacman is a cheater.  Loading up his wraps , making him truly a lethal weapon in the ring.  Both these cheaters have ruined the career of the most talented fighter , other than Mayweather of this era…. Miguel Cotto.  Watch Margarito vs Cotto again and it becomes very clear that his wraps were loaded.    At one point it seemed a mere touch was hurting Cotto.  By the time pacman gets to Cotto his chin is not the same and mentally he on the same either.  This fight to me should be called the lesser of two evils.  We as fans have the choice to root for the lesser of  two evils.  Which is the lesser of the two evils?  That for you to decide.

Now on to my predictions , if you read my last post on Mosley vs.  Mayweather I was pretty much on the money on that one , so I’ll try my hand at the table again.  Pacquiao knocks Margarito out, maybe 5th or 6th round.  Pacman dominates Margarcheato and gets another feather in his cap.  Another fighter who is shot, look at Margarito’s last fight.. the evidence is there.  That and the fact he is fighting without loaded wraps.  Freddy Roach knows what he is doing ,so does Bob Arum in creating this illusion that pacman is an ATG.

A fair outcome to me would be this.  Margarito beats pacman.  That makes way for a re-match with Cotto.  Cotto beats Margarito.  Fair is not boxing a lot of the time.

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  1. I am in awe that they allow Margarito back after just a year suspension for what he did. This is not the 1st time he’s been accused of this, but it’s the first time he has been caught. Luis Resto went to prison and got banned forever for what he did. Margarito basically did exactly the same thing, but he got caught before he could get in the ring and almost/kill some one. This scumbag does this and then gets a title shot against the best P4P boxer anywhere, what a disgrace.

  2. Matthew L. Collison says:

    It is rather obvious that Manny isn’t respected in your neck of the woods. To undermine his skill by stating he has fought over-the-hill fighters, or that is promoter and trainer have hand-picked his opponents is a bit silly. For starters… that is what promoters do. You pick fights that will generated great interest, but at the same time an advantage for your fighter will be present. The other fighter, in this case Margarito, doesn’t share that sentiment. Margarito and his camp believed that they could win this fight. They were wrong. Manny’s skills cannot be undermined, they were more than showcased tonight. As for the PEDS… come on, why push that trash? Before a rotten surgery, I was benchpressing 300 pounds while weighing 138 pounds. I could rattle off 100 chin-ups anytime I wanted, hit the heavy bag for an hour straight every day, and I ran 10 miles every other day. If you do not believe that there are restrictions or limitations anything becomes possible… of course injury does fall in that realm unfortunately. My point… give Manny the credit he deserves. He seems like a decent man and he is wonderful for the sport of boxing.

  3. agentcy says:

    Thank you for reading and responding to our article. You do make a good point about all things being possible. And may I add I am very impressed at your 300lb bench press at 138lb. I still do feel that , it is very suspicious on how much stamina and power pacman shows even in the later rounds. Is it possible that it is done through all hard work, and just god given talent? Yes.. it is. But I feel that it is highly unlikely. After seeing yesterdays fight , it was much more competitive than I anticipated. I thought there would be a knockout but there wasn’t. Margarito has a great chin and pacman as well. I did see for the first time so real boxing skills from pacquiao. But again most boxers do not have that pop in the end of the 12th round …..after such a high punch output. Most boxers are not Manny Pacquiao … I know, I know but even so it is very very suspicious. I want to be wrong about this because I love this sport.

  4. agentcy says:

    Yes I agree , it was criminal to let Margarito fight again. He claims he didn’t know what was being put into his hands as they were being wrapped. I’ve had my hands wrapped a million times and no one will tell me I wouldn’t know what was going on with my hands as they were being wrapped.

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