Business Professionals, Business Owners and Boxing? The perfect 1-2 Punch!

I am seeing more and more business professionals coming to take our boxing class. And there is a range – from business owners to salespeople to professional services people. They see boxing as I do, a fun, hard workout that is a challenge. 99% of them say things like “the gym is boring”, “I want to do something challenging”, “I want to try something new.” and then, they get hooked (and not the left hook:) A common thread amongst these people is that they seek achievement, personal development and improvement – and boxing provides this and I think especially the way VFitness Boxing approaches our instruction – we are very hands on in our programs. Even in our group classes, I hear from our clients that they enjoy the 1 on 1 attention. Further, they enjoy the dynamics of the group both for both a social and physical workout. Business people, especially salespeople and business owners are always striving for more, looking to hit goals, measure milestones, hit their own personal quotas – and so boxing does just this. In boxing, you are constantly challenging yourself and making small improvements. But not even the pros (except for maybe Mayweather and Pac-man) have a perfect record. Boxing, like Golf, another sport of choice for business professionals, is about self-challenge, competition, personal development and mind-control. Business pros who have tried VFitness Boxing can tell you that the sport is NOT about just beating someone up and getting their frustrations out (although yes that is fun!) but that they come back again and again because in the last session they finally got the jab to work or their blocks improved slightly, and so on… Finally, it is always nice to see a smile related to hard work and success. And who knows that more than a business owner who has success in both his business and boxing life!

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