All new Semi-Private Boxing Sessions: Private Coaching with Affordability

VFitness Boxing is pleased to announce our all-new Semi-Private Boxing sessions by client demand.

Semi-private boxing sessions NYC

Unlike those jam-packed group boxing or group kickboxing classes offered by other boxing gyms in NYC where you are lucky to get a spot in the room, the VFitness Boxing Semi-private Boxing lesson gives a whole fresh approach to boxing for beginners. In this boxing lesson, you can bring a friend or get paired up with only one other boxing student. The boxing session is led by a certified US A Boxing Coach with over 15 years of ring and boxing teaching experience. And, if you are new to boxing classes, the lesson provides you with hands-on boxing instruction and room to learn.

The Vfitness Semi-private boxing lesson delivers all that you want and need in boxing skills and boxing conditioning. Here is what you can expect in your boxing session:

Detailed instructions on boxing punching, including:

  • How to throw a punch
  • How to throw a jab
  • How to throw a cross
  • How to throw an upper-cut
  • How to throw and over-hand

Coaching on boxing defense, including:

  • How to weave in boxing
  • How to slip in boxing
  • How to work in the corners

Coaching on boxing offense, including:

  • Movement in the boxing ring
  • Breathing for boxing
  • Punching timing and sequence
  • Proper boxing footwork

Boxing mittwork

Boxing padword

Boxing bagwork, including speedbag work, heavy bag work, double-end ball work

Boxing conditioning drills, including jumprope work, running work, ring work, pylometrics and isometrics

Coached sparring for advanced students

Semi-private boxing lessons from Vfitness Boxing are by appointment only, To schedule yours, e-mail us at or text us at 212-951-1882

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