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Kids Scream! I want to learn to box!

Earlier this week, as we were shadow-boxing around, a bunch of kids, ages 8-11 playing nearby came by with their parents and asked my fellow boxing trainer and I if we could teach them how to box. Yes, of course! After 20 minutes with these kids, we were hooked! These kids were so passionate about learning and had so much energy for it, they were beating us up (not really). Anyway, we are definetly open to teachning kids how to box (my son is 6 and he already has me down with his right cross!) and doing it safely. We already have created a waiver and are scheduling a kids learn to box into our curriculum. So, if you have a child that needs to let his/her energy go and is marveled by the jab or the hook, send ’em to Vfitness Kids Bootcamp, starting next week, Central Park. Waiver forms and more information soon to be added to the site. For information, contact us anytime.VFitness kids learn to box

Vfitness article – Yes it’s a must read!

Check out these fitness articles reviewing our class written by fitness guru Alison Foster:


Today we are at the our usual location by the fountain.
On the workout menu for today is ,for starters a nice shadow boxing warm up, followed by a strong strength and conditioning segment guaranteed to harden you up and melt the lbs away. And lastly a nice cool run with intervals around the fountain. Enjoy!

Tonight’s Boxing Conditioning Class Indoors

Tonight’s class will be held in VFitness studio 401C at 300 West 43rd Street. Only $20! Come train out of the rain!

Boxing Bootcamp every night in Astoria and Central Park

Want to learn how to box? Enjoy the Summer air? VFitness now offer Boxing Bootcamp every night. So drop in and join us. Only $20/pp and 90 minutes of intense conditioning and fun!central park boxing bootcamp, astoria park boxing bootcampastoria boxing bootcamp, central park boxing bootcamp

Central Park and Astoria Boxing Bootcamp now on every night!

Want to learn how to box? Enjoy the Summer air? VFitness now offer Boxing Bootcamp every night. So drop in and join us. Only $20/pp and 90 minutes of intense conditioning and fun!central park boxing bootcamp, astoria park boxing bootcamp

The flu and working out – what to do

Lately there have been loads of people catching a flu/cold due to the changes in NYC weather. So, what’s our advice for staying healthy and training? When your body is run down, you need more rest and more fluids than usual. You should limit your stress both on your mind and your body. Flooding your body with fruits and vegetables is a great way to help your body recover. We stress the importance of B and D Vitamins as well as Zinc. Spend time when resting awake doing things that will ease your mind, like listening to music or reading a book because we know a healthy mind is the core of a healthy body. Since everyone is different, there is no exact timeframe for getting better; instead we encourage our clients to take it easy until they feel strong again. Specifically if they have heavy flu systems such as chest congestion and fever, we advise them to not workout until those symptoms have subsided. And then, when they do, to start back on their exercise program with us slowly, such as every other day for the next 7-10 days.Workout with a flu or cold?

Central Park BootCamp Conditioning Class This Week Thursday!

Because of poor weather tonight, we moved outdoor bootcamp in Central Park to tomorrow, same time. Come condition with us for 90 minutes at 7pm! VFitness Central Park Bootcamp

Get Your Title Boxing Gear from VFitness with No Shipping!

Attention all VFitness members and fans! VFitness now offers you title boxing gear with no shipping! This is for a wide selection of products. We are in the process of adding these products to our site and an e-commerce store. In the meantime, if you are in desperate need for a bag, gloves, jump rope, wraps, workout clothes, etc. contact us and we can walk you through any order with shipping on us!

We are also offering free boxing wraps with purchase locally at Modell’s. We can provide you with a coupon and code upon contact.

Today’s Central Park Class – Hot and Sweaty and Fun

A good group showed up tonight, despite the heavy chance of thundershowers. I guess after a weekend of drinking and pizzas at Mayweather fight parties, we all needed a little sweaty conditioning class! Check us out this Wed, same time, same location and get ready for a great boxing conditioning workout. Oh and by the way, Mayweather – is he just too good?Vfitness bootcamp central parkVFitness Central Park Bootcamp