All new Semi-Private Boxing Sessions: Private Coaching with Affordability

VFitness Boxing is pleased to announce our all-new Semi-Private Boxing sessions by client demand.

Semi-private boxing sessions NYC

Unlike those jam-packed group boxing or group kickboxing classes offered by other boxing gyms in NYC where you are lucky to get a spot in the room, the VFitness Boxing Semi-private Boxing lesson gives a whole fresh approach to boxing for beginners. In this boxing lesson, you can bring a friend or get paired up with only one other boxing student. The boxing session is led by a certified US A Boxing Coach with over 15 years of ring and boxing teaching experience. And, if you are new to boxing classes, the lesson provides you with hands-on boxing instruction and room to learn.

The Vfitness Semi-private boxing lesson delivers all that you want and need in boxing skills and boxing conditioning. Here is what you can expect in your boxing session:

Detailed instructions on boxing punching, including:

  • How to throw a punch
  • How to throw a jab
  • How to throw a cross
  • How to throw an upper-cut
  • How to throw and over-hand

Coaching on boxing defense, including:

  • How to weave in boxing
  • How to slip in boxing
  • How to work in the corners

Coaching on boxing offense, including:

  • Movement in the boxing ring
  • Breathing for boxing
  • Punching timing and sequence
  • Proper boxing footwork

Boxing mittwork

Boxing padword

Boxing bagwork, including speedbag work, heavy bag work, double-end ball work

Boxing conditioning drills, including jumprope work, running work, ring work, pylometrics and isometrics

Coached sparring for advanced students

Semi-private boxing lessons from Vfitness Boxing are by appointment only, To schedule yours, e-mail us at or text us at 212-951-1882

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What You Will Gain from a VFitness Boxing Class

Thinking About taking a Vfitness Boxing Class?

Boxing Class for Beginners

Reasons you should try a boxing class


If you are thinking, “I want to try boxing, but I am a beginner.” then a Vfitness Group Boxing & Conditioning class is exactly what you need. At Vfitness, we have trained 1000’s of New York men and women just like you who have come to us at all levels of boxing. Some have been complete newbies to boxing. Some have come to us overweight. Some have come to us shy. Some have come to us injured. Some of have come to us with dreams of getting in the ring. Some of have come to us to challenge their fears. We have met all these issues and helped all of these people realize their boxing goals.

The Vfitness team of certified USA Boxing coaches and competitive boxers started just like you did, with a dream of boxing and concerns of not being ready. We can tell you with complete confidence that boxing has changed our lives for the better. As a boxer who has competed and won several times and as a woman, I can tell you my story. I came to try to boxing as a way to overcome fears, gain confidence and become a winner. Boxing helped me with all three. I can tell you from the team here at Vfitness that the rest feel the same and even have more stories to tell such as:

  • How boxing got them out of the ghetto
  • How boxing helped them to better in school
  • How boxing helped them to make more money in their careers
  • How boxing helped them to gain new friends
  • How boxing helped them to think clearer and smarter
  • How boxing helped them to feel great about they way they looked

And it all started with taking a simple boxing class. At Vfitness, we don’t throw you into the ring without you asking and being 100% ready. We don’t look at you as some piece of meat that will help us gain another title. We don’t look at you as a dollar sign. In fact this is why we have dropped our Vfitness Boxing Class rates to even a lower price to $15/class – the lowest you will find in New York City – period. We look at helping beginners to boxing learn real boxing from real boxers. We look at giving you confidence to try a sport that may seem daunting. We give our beginners help beyond the boxing ring – into their daily health and fitness and mental clarity. Boxing is so much more than a sport or competition – it is a tool for strengthening people on all levels – mentally, spiritually, socially and physically, of course.

If you have been thinking about trying a VFitness Boxing class, I hope I have given you some good reasons to try it out for yourself. We hope you will join us every Monday and Wednesday. Book your first boxing class today with our easy online scheduler available on our boxing schedule page

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VFitness Updated Schedule and Locations

We have an updated winter schedule and indoor boxing group class and private boxing lesson locations and our schedule. See for this information. Also, make sure to like us on Facebook  for announcements and giveaways:

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