Private Boxing Sessions

 Train privately with a Level 1 Certified USA Boxing Coach and Get in the Ring

VFitness Boxing offers Private, One on One Boxing Coaching & Training.

Private Boxing Sessions are available for adults only.

This is for you who want to focus on getting yourself in top shape quickly and those of you who want to get serious about boxing.

In a private boxing session with a competitive boxer, you will:

  • Learn and perfect your punches and defense
  • Get in shape through proven boxing and high intensity training
  • Learn proven methods of boxing for champions
  • Receive nutritional counseling daily to ensure weight loss or maintenance
  • Enjoy your workout

Private sessions are 60 Minutes. Classes are taught by real competitive boxers. Private sessions are provided indoors at a Vfitness boxing affiliated gym. We are affiliated in Chelsea (Manhattan) and in Astoria (Queens).

To discuss your interest in private boxing lessons, contact one of our boxing trainers today at or call/text us at 212-951-1882.