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Sugar Shane or Money Mayweather? An Opinion from a VFitness Insider

This fight is finally going to happen. Maybe 10 years too late. Mayweather on years past has called out Mosley. In recent years Mosley has called out Mayweather. For whatever reason they never fought.

Mosley is now pushing 40 and Mayweather will be 33 when they fight on May 1st of this year. What factors will decide who is the Victor in this fight? Will it be SSM size, strength , and resume of fighting everyone out there win, lose or draw? Or wil it be PBF’s brillant boxing skills, defense, and unbeaten domination? You have the boxer vs the puncher scenario. You also have Brother Nasim Richardson in SSM corner , Bernard Hopkin’s trainer , which seems to be a big plus coming off the destruction of Margarito. Mayweather is never short in the strategy department with his trainer Roger Mayweather. They always seem to have the right game plan as well as execution.

So with all this being said who will probably win on May 1st. If I had to take the safe and educated guess I’d have to go with Mayweather. A great boxer usually beats a great puncher. Not to say that SSM cannot box. But that Sugar who fought Oscar De la hoya and was simply amazing is no longer. He is still great and better than most in that divison. But he has slowed down some and workrate has decreased. SSM also has problems with boxers who can jab and move. Winky Wright pretty much beat him twice with only his jab. Vernon Forest and Miguel Cotto both boxers with movement were able to best him as well. But this new SSM with Brother Nasim seems to have his second wind in his great career. Styles make fights. So we shall see. I feel that Mayweather is a fighter who is not unbeatable , no one is. But with that being said he is a master boxer. With defense which frustrates and sniper like offense. His workrate also isn’t as high as it was when he fought in lighter divisons but nonethless he counters and picks his opponents apart.

I think in this fight Mayweather gets tested. I think in this fight he gets hit. Mosley will not be a push over. I think it goes the full distance with Mayweather making the round by round adjustments and countering Mosley. I think Mayweather needs to work his jab, not his left hook only or is straight right which he throws with deadly accuracy. Mosley needs to work moneys body and double and triple his punches to attempt to get through that shoulder roll. In the end I feel Mayweather will be victorious. But I don’t think this win comes easy. This is not an undersized JMM or old slow Baldomir. This is Sugar Shane Mosley. There’s only been three of them. All three have been great fighters. Shane Mosley lives up to his name.